Vintage photo lot of 30 plus snapshots children, brides, and more

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I am a photo seller, I sell on another site, and sell loads of old artistic photos. But while I am going thru estates, I also run across loads of snapshots. I really don't sell snapshots as often, so I put them all in a box, and every now and then I go into them and list them in lots here on etsy. etsy These are great for the collector, the seller, the artist or collage maker. There are 30 plus in this batch..and frankly there is always many more thrown in. so there might be 35 to 40 photos in a batch. I also try to get rid of photos in poor condition, so your snapshots should all be in a good to very good condition I keep prices down because I do not do custom collections, I really just try to keep them in the same era, but frankly I grab a grouping and put them in a lot. Also there are more that are not pictured, the photo scans are what you will get plus more.. Enjoy!!


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 $8.00 USD

Buy here: www.etsy.com

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